Organic Grass Fed Guernsey Beef

Organic Guernsey grass fed beef. The male calves are born from our dairy cows and grass fed only on our organic farm; sustainable, local climate friendly food.

Rich in marbling and high in Beta Carotene, the flavour is deep and buttery.
After 21 days of dry hanging on the bone, each cut is prepared by our master butcher to be delivered the next working day. The order will be charged to the maximum weight requested, any less on cutting will be refunded on dispatch.

Here are some reviews from our valued customers: 

''I have been buying large amounts of organic farm meat from well known farms for the past few years and have always had problems with the quality of meat, meat arriving in a half decayed state. The Brown Cow meat is the freshest that I have seen, and I can tell by the colour of fat that it is genuinely grass-fed.''

''Just thought I would let you know that I cooked the beef shin tonight. Not something I have ever eaten though heard it recommended by chefs. I cooked it for about two and a half hours in a variation on a stew recipe and it was the most delicious meal I can remember tasting.  Really tasty.  I was slightly worried as I struggled to cut the shin into cubes before cooking So decided to wait until it was cooked. Absolutely fabulous. Will definitely order that again''

For deliveries:

- Minimum order £50.00 for deliveries

- Standard shipping is £15.00

- Free delivery only for orders over £150.00