Packing Ethos


Initially, we packaged our beef into a meat parchment paper. However, beef naturally loses juices very quickly after being cut, and within hours would leak into the packaging. Such packaging is not conducive to mail order or preservation of fresh meat. Therefore, we sought an alternative method of packaging to ensure maximum shelf life whilst minimising food waste, packaging the meat into plastic bags, Woolcool, cardboard boxes and sealed with paper tape.

Woolcool is the award-winning and entirely environmentally friendly insulated packaging for the direct delivery of chilled and frozen food. Using the most natural, abundant and sustainable insulation, Woolcool provides the environmentally responsible alternative to non-biodegradable polystyrene and polyethylene packaging.

Manufactured in the UK, British wool is washed, scoured, felted and sealed within recyclable food grade wrap to create insulation liners for a range of recycled and recyclable cardboard delivery boxes.