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Kefir Fermented Yoghurt


As with all of our yoghurts, our kefir fermented yoghurts are made only using our organic Guernsey cows milk.

Our kefir fermented yoghurt is a creamy, thick, slightly tangy, delicious yoghurt alternative to a kefir drink, that is packed full of billions of beneficial bacteria for a happy gut. Gently packed into British made glass jars with a paper label, no plastic is used in this product. When ordered through Milk and More, these jars will now be washed by a company called Again, returned to us and refilled with our delicious kefir yoghurt! There will be a QR code on each jar, where you can see how many times it has been reused.

This year at the Soil Association BOOM Awards 2023 not only did our natural kefir fermented yoghurt win Best of Organic Dairy but also the Winner of Winners Award! The ‘Winner of Winners’ is chosen from the winners of the all of the food & drink entered this year. The judges loved our kefir yoghurt and said it was the most beautiful product, with an amazing creamy yellow colour. The natural kefir fermented yoghurt has also been awarded two gold stars in the Great Taste 2023 awards. The judges said our kefir yoghurt was “a good balance of lactic and tangy, with a beautiful, silky-smooth texture”. Our natural kefir yoghurt is available online through Milk and More, Abel and Cole and in independent retailers and farm shops. 

The strawberry has been awarded Silver in the 2022 Taste of the West awards. The ginger kefir fermented yoghurt was awarded two gold stars at the Great Taste Awards 2022. Here are some of the judges thoughts:
“Lovely rustic texture with a super creaminess and gloss, with a very clean delivery, channelling the mild ginger and grassy notes of the milk. Good ferment that doesn't overpower and a lasting refresh of the palate.”
“The yoghurt is tangy and creamy but works so well with the ginger. The ginger is a great quality, tasting of fresh root without the heat finish. A clever and enjoyable combination.”

Our kefir fermented yoghurt is available in natural, strawberry and ginger. 

Currently available from Abel & Cole, Hunts, Crook and Churn and Bayley & Sage. If you are interested in stocking our delicious kefir fermented yoghurt range please email us