Our Beef

Each year, a dairy cow needs to have a calf in order to produce milk. We keep all of our calves that are born to each cow on the farm. The girls (heifers) are raised to enter the dairy herd and the males (steers) are reared for our organic Guernsey grass fed beef.

Our beef is rich in marbling and high in Beta Carotene, which means the flavour is deep and buttery. After 21 days of dry hanging on the bone, each cut is prepared by our master butcher.

The beef has won numerous awards over the years including Great Taste, Q Awards and BOOM Awards. Our beef burgers and rib eye steaks are the finalists in ‘Best of Organic Meat and Poultry’ in the 2021 BOOM awards.


Raising our Guernsey herd on nutrient-rich herbs and grasses that are grown from fertile soil ensures the minerals and trace elements are retained in our organic beef.

We analysed and compared the nutritional data on our own grass-fed beef with others. The results are detailed below with Brown Cow Organics beef higher in trace elements in comparison with other beef and with a favourable Omega 3:6 ratio.  

Brown Cow Organics Beef – Selenium Levels


Other leading brands *- Selenium levels


Brown Cow Organics Beef – Magnesium Levels


Other leading brands *- Magnesium levels


Brown Cow Organic Beef - Beta-Carotene Levels


Other leading brands *- Beta-Carotene levels


Brown Cow Organics Beef – Zinc Levels


Other leading brands* – Zinc levels


Brown Cow Organics Beef – Beta-Carotene Levels


Other leading brands *- Beta-Carotene levels


* McCance & Widdowson's