River Cottage Partnership


River Cottage organic yoghurt came along after we had been selling organic milk for a couple of years. The price per litre collapsed due to an oversupply of organic milk so it was deemed sensible to enter the milk production chain. The Brown Cow Organics venture into milk production started with pasteurisation of milk on a small scale for a local campsite. This was for the summer months, but it was neither interesting nor profitable due to our production facilities being so small at the time.

So, we explored alternatives and even from the very first batch of yoghurt, we had a rich, creamy and unique product that has remained consistent since the first days of production. Within weeks of its initial production, Brown Cow Organics yoghurt was being sold in the top delicatessens and food stores across the country.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall contacted us directly asking if he could have a sample of beef. We happily obliged, and he said it was the best beef he had ever tasted. Our partnership began from there, and Hugh arrived at the farm door clutching a pot of ice cream, asking if we could manufacture ice cream for his company, River Cottage. We said we’d be delighted, but first, to try our yoghurt. He did, describing our yoghurt it as an “unctuous treat waiting to happen”.


So, the River Cottage organic yoghurt story began in 2006. We had many delightful times sat around our kitchen table with Hugh and Gill, Hugh’s top chef, developing recipes for the seasonal fruit range. Packaging was a heated debate and a British glass jar emulates the superiority of the organic yoghurt. What started as a small enterprise escalates year on year in production without affecting the quality - our artisan process is important. Try one!