About Us

"The pleasure of our farming life lies in the determination to produce excellent food in a beautiful location, and to be happy!"

Brown Cow Organics

Clive and I were given the opportunity to take over Perridge farm from my father in the early 1980s, after I returned from Australia. I had no qualifications in agriculture and a husband who wanted to move away from farming, but we shared a passion for preserving the environment and producing good food.

A small herd of 35 Guernsey cows became my responsibility, this was despite the fact that I had never previously set foot in the milking parlour.

With the birth of our two girls, my dairy duties were gradually relinquished as I began to concentrate on developing the processing side of the business.

It was the BSE crisis that really opened both our eyes to what was happening with food production, we felt that the only way to produce safe, healthy food was to do so organically. 

We became distinctly aware of the needs of our growing children and our concerns about what the effects of long-term exposure to artificial chemicals and fertilisers would have on their health and the devastating impact of the chemicals on wildlife and flora. The conversion to organic farming under the strict guidance of UKRFROS organic regulations was completed within 2 years.


Some twenty years later, we see our soil rich in worm life and bacterial activity, giving nutrients to the deeply rooted diversity of grasses and herbs grown on which the animals feed.

The wildlife and flora have a haven in our 450 acres; we look across our valleys and see fields that are alive, heaving with insects, humming with bees and rich in a diverse flora.

Our farming methods work for us, and give a future for us all and our environment.