The Brown Cow Organics Story

Our herd of Guernsey cows is more commonly known for the rich A2 beta casein protein creamy milk that the cows produce. However in the late 1990s we just happened to have one of the pure bred Guernsey males ready to be sold for meat. We were offered a paltry sum for the animal so decided to have it butchered for our own use instead. We then gave some of the beef to friends too and the overall response was that we had produced some very tasty beef indeed - which set us thinking................

So at the Organic Food Awards 2001 we decided to enter a piece of our cross bred animals (i.e the mother was a Guernsey dairy cow and the father a beef bull) Against stiff and well established competition we won! One of the judges was David Lidgate of the very famous Lidgate Butcher’s in Holland Park London. David rang me up after he had judged the awards and established us as the winners, saying that he considered our beef some of the finest that he had ever tasted and to enquire as to its breeding. He was quite frankly astonished that something so good could be produced from a dairy breed. We started supplying his "high class" establishment from that point and that relationship continues to this day, over a decade later.

We also wanted to be able to supply our own market with this glorious beef and had to find a suitable name for our project. Whilst counting the brown cattle over the gate as they grazed the rich organic pastures in the glorious morning sunshine the name Brown Cow Organicsoriginated. Little did we realise what a well known reputable brand it would become in such a short period of time. As the word spread re the quality of our beefso our business grew and we now sell all our organic beef produced on the farm directly to customers through our website, at local farmers markets, at events and through Lidgates in Holland Park, London.