From City Life to Country Life


In 1986 when I was overseas my Mum and Dad wrote to me saying that they were going to sell the dairy herd as the work had become too much for my father. I didn’t hesitate in replying that maybe I could return home and take on the challenge . The youngest of four, my other siblings were very successful and settled in their chosen career paths but I, having trained as a nurse at the Royal London hospital felt that this was not my chosen vocation hence I spent two years after completing my training travelling the world. I started in Australia by meeting my mothers family in Sydney, working my way through the country working as a waitress, in the A & E department at Alice Springs hospital and on a cattle station in Mount Isa. Next onto New Zealand and then to the USA and eventually back through the stunning country of Canada to home.

These were the days of no mobile phones or instant messaging but my Mum and Dad sent a letter to Post Restante in Canada to say that they would welcome me home and will let me have a go at farming.

Below is an extract of my last letter before arriving home.

History has a habit of repeating itself. Late this summer we spoke with Naomi over Zoom to ask her if she would like to come back to the farm and Brown Cow Organics - she did not hesitate in saying yes. We are both thrilled that Naomi has returned to take this amazing farm to the third generation.


I left the farm aged 18 and travelled the world, returning two years later to study Occupational Therapy at the University of Liverpool. I then began my working career at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. For many months, due to the pandemic, I was involved in working on the front-line. When the opportunity arose for me to return to the farm, I was ready and excited to embrace Brown Cow Organics. Coincidentally, my mum was the same age as I am now, when she returned to the farm thirty four years ago. I am thrilled to be able to continue our family’s tradition.

In October, Jude (boyfriend) and I packed up five years of living in Liverpool to move back to the farm. There was no easing me into it and on day one I was up at 4am learning how to milk the cows with dad. I did not have milking waterproofs or suitable wellies and soon realised how important these were! Dad ordered me a pair of proper farmers wellies and in typical farmer fashion said ‘’you better not be leaving anytime soon as these cost me £70.00 and they won’t fit my feet!’’, I reassured him I had no plans to leave just yet!

The first two weeks have involved lots of early starts and lots of learning, but I look forward to the next chapter!

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Frances Stadlen

Wonderful story and so much what is needed

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