River Cottage Organic Live Yoghurt

River Cottage Organic Yoghurts produced by Brown Cow Organics for Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall are hand made by our dedicated team of local people using only our own organic A2 beta-casein protein rich whole milk from our Guernsey herd. Poured into recyclable, reusable jars, our artisan process produces naturally thick rich yoghurt without using emulsifiers, stabilisers or thickeners.Sealed with a paper label without the use of harsh solvents in the glue.

Here are some of our reviews from our Able and Cole customers:

‘’Brilliant!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous yoghurt - takes you on a holiday to a countryside and makes you feel cozy and happy! Honestly - try it!!!!’’ 

‘’Eat less, better! Glad to see this type of product is available. Best yoghurt I have tasted, I will be adding to my regular order.’’

‘’Delicious. Thick and creamy almost dessert like, without all the sugar. Perfect for breakfast. Added bonus comes in a glass jar that is a great size for storage when the yoghurt is finished.’’