Brown Cow Organics Live Organic Yoghurt

Our live, organic, Guernsey whole milk yoghurt is produced on our farm by our small team of dedicated local people, which is then hand poured into  100% recyclable, reusable pots. Our artisan process produces naturally thick rich organic yoghurt without using emulsifiers, stabilisers or thickeners. Our organic yoghurt is lightly pasteurised but never homogenised or pumped, as this would destroy its molecular makeup and natural creaminess.

Here are some of our reviews from our Able and Cole customers:

‘’How do they do it!?!?!? Seriously. What are they putting in their yoghurts!? Every Brown Cow yoghurt I try is the best yoghurt I've ever had! Astonishing stuff.’’

‘’We've had this yogurt for years now. It makes all other yogurt seem a bit in dimensional. It beats even Greek yogurt.Lovely with nuts, seeds and fruit in the morning. Or just on its own or with honey. Wonderful. The cartons are fantastic too - they reseal so you can use them to store things for the freezer or for any other purposes.’’

‘’Happy cows = happy humans. Brown Cow yoghurt is the best tasting yoghurt and Brown Cow Coconut Yoghurt is quite possibly the best of Brown Cow although Apple and Vanilla is fierce competition as is Dark Cherry.’’

All yoghurts are currently unavailable online from us. However, you can purchase from Milk & More, Eversfield and Abel & Cole. If you are local, our Brown Cow Organics Hut is open on the farm Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm with a range of our produce.