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Vanilla yoghurt and cardamom caramelised rice pudding with spiced rhubarb compote


Vanilla yoghurt and cardamom caramelised rice pudding with spiced rhubarb compote

Did you know that it's been found that eating Vanilla yoghurt makes you happy?, why not spread some happiness and cook a lovely organic beef grass fed joint for Easter Sunday lunch and make our very special rice pudding using your FREE Brown Cow Organics Yoghurts from our Easter special offer for dessert.

Recipe by Rebecca Owen, Head Chef, Lordleaze Hotel, Chard, Somerset, for the Taste of the West 2015 recipe book.

Ingredients for the rice pudding
1.2l milk
100g pudding rice
120g caster sugar
1 large bay leaf
5 green cardamom pods bashed
300g River Cottage Vanilla Yoghurt; lightly whipped

To make

Put the bay leaf, milk, cardamom and sugar into a pan and bring to the boil. Allow to cool for 30 minutes to infuse.
Pour the milk mixture through a sieve, retaining all of the infused milk.
Pour the milk back into a heavy-bottomed pan and bring gently to the boil.
Add the rice and reduce the heat to a gentle simmer, cool and refrigerate for at least an hour.
When ready to serve, loosen the rice pudding with a fork and then fold in the River Cottage Vanilla yoghurt until well combined.
Place the rice pudding mixture into serving rings or ramekins. Brulee the surface of the puddings by adding castor sugar and place under a very hot grill for a few minutes, taking care not to burn the sugar.

Ingredients for the compote
400g rhubarb cut into 2cm batons
3 balls of stem ginger, grated
500ml stock syrup
Pinch of fresh ground pepper

To make
Bring the stock syrup to the boil, then add the rhubarb and reduce heat to a simmer.
Cook for 4 minutes, and then add the black pepper and ginger.
Strain off the liquid through a sieve and retain the spiced fruit.
Serve alongside the rice puddings.


This can all be prepared ahead and keeps for up to 4 days in the fridge.
Leave the bruleeing until the last minute. If you've any left over it's
great for breakfast with dried fruit and granola.