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Brown Cow Organics Perridge Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4EW, United Kingdom.



River Cottage Story

River Cottage organic yoghurt came along after we had been selling organic milk for a couple of years. The price per litre collapsed, due to over supply so it was deemed sensible to enter the milk processing chain. Brown Cow's venture into milk processing started with pasteurisation of milk on a small scale for a local campsite to sell. This was for the summer months but it was neither interesting nor profitable, due to our production facilities being so small at the time.

So we had a go at yoghurt production and from the very first batch realised that this was an amazingly good product that went to the top London store shelves within weeks of its initial production.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall then contacted us directly asking if he could have a sample of beef sent down to try. We happily obliged and he thoroughly enjoyed tasting the best beef that had ever passed his lips.

Hugh then asked if he could come and see us as he had an idea; he arrived at our door clutching a pot of ice cream - asking if we could manufacture ice cream for his company River Cottage. Both Clive and I said that we would be delighted to maybe have a go but had he tasted our yoghurt? Hugh hadn't, so we gave him a spoonful. Words cannot describe the look of pleasure on his face.

So the River Cottage organic yoghurt story began. We had many delightful times sat around our kitchen table with Hugh & Gill his top chef, developing recipes for the seasonal fruit range and deciding which was the best vanilla.

Packaging was a heated debate but Clive and I felt that a British glass jar not only emulated the superiority of the organic yoghurt, but glass had huge environmental benefits over plastic pots manufactured in China. What started as a small concern escalates year on year in production without affecting the quality - our artisan process is important, so we still hand whisk and hand fill the glass pots so as to not break up the creaminess of the yoghurt. It is truly an unctuous delectable treat. Try one!

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Where to buy River Cottage Yoghurts - Find Your Local Stockist

Where to Buy
You can purchase from us directly here on our website
Also at Somerset markets we attend and some events. Follow us on Twitter & Facebook for all stockist & event updates.
Independent retailers, deli's, cafes, specialist food stores, health food stores and River Cottage cafes. For your nearest stockist click here. Enter your postcode and the distance you are happy to travel and the nearest 6 stockists will be presented to you on the page with their details so you can contact them before travelling - If no results are shown, contact us for up to date retailers stocking River Cottage in your area.

We'd be delighted to contact any independent retailer if you wish to nominate any as potential a stockist, just call us or email with their full details.