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Organic Beef Hanger Steak grass fed and dry aged - each steak weight varies 200g-300g


Organic Beef Hanger Steak grass fed and dry aged - each steak weight varies 200g-300g

Hanger steak is known as a 'butcher's steak' because butchers and chefs have long knowingly saved this juicy piece for themselves!

The steak is cut from the muscle on the inside of the beef carcass, attached to the last rib, right below the tenderloin. Because of where it is it makes it look as though the muscle is actually "hanging" off the diaphragm; hence it's name. Its purpose is to support the diaphragm, and that effort tends to make for a surprisingly flavourful cut of meat. Such close proximity to the kidney also imparts a deeper flavour as well, with some people saying that hanger steak has a stronger taste than some other steak cuts.

Hanger Steak is a great 'weekday' choice, you can grill or fry it and it's best to cook to no more than medium and let it rest for a minimum of 5 minutes to avoid overcooking and going tough.

(Sold frozen)

You are ordering one organic beef hanger steak which will have a variable approximate weight between 200g-300g
There is only 1 hanger steak per animal, and therefore we are unable to guarantee a specific weight.

On checkout you will be charged for a 300g steak, due to the varying weights of Hanger Steak this cost will be adjusted to the actual steak weight at £12.00kg/(£5.46lb) when payment is taken on order dispatch. Your order acknowledgement will show the price per steak in the meantime.


Final price you will be charged on order dispatch is 12.00/kg

Price: 3.60