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Brown Cow Organics Perridge Farm, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 4EW, United Kingdom.



Vegetable Yoghurt features on Escape to the Country

Having seen our appearance on Countryfile in February last year Escape to the Country got in touch wanting to come and film a segment about the farm and our yoghurts, with particular interest in our organic vegetable yoghurts, for an episode set in Somerset.

So Nicki Chapman and the film crew came down to film our lovely Guernseys in March last year, spending time with our Guernseys (who seemed to take a shine to Nicki) she then tasted our delicious no added sugar organic vegetable yoghurts in the Perridge Farm kitchen. Then it was time for Judith and Nicki to don, hat, coat and boots to create a potential new flavour in the yoghurt production facility.

The episode aired on BBC1 January 16th 2018 you can watch it on catch up until 3pm 15th February 2018, we appear at approximately 37 minutes into the programme.

Click here to watch on catch up tv

Abel and Cole Video

Abel and Cole produced a fabulous video during their recent visit to us, it was amazing to see the new drone technology used to film our wonderful organic farm and Guernseys from above.

Watch the video

Triple award win at Quality Food Awards 2017

Brown Cow Organics has won THREE major awards with their live organic vanilla yoghurt at the Quality Food Awards announced on 9th November. Brown Cow Organics was the only independent food company to receive multiple awards. The Quality Food Awards are regarded at the most prestigious awards for food and drink products on sale in the UK.

The Quality Food Awards were presented at a spectacular dinner ceremony for 700 people at London's Grosvenor Park Hotel to celebrate the Food industry's greatest producers and was attended by many chefs, food writers and representatives from the major multiple food stores.

Owner Judith Freane and her husband Clive were ecstatic when their vanilla organic yoghurt was pronounced overall winner in the dairy|yoghurt category of the main Quality Food Awards. They won against very stiff competition from some big supermarket own label yogurts; an accolade indeed for a small producer to win in this category against national brands.

Their yoghurt also won Best Chilled Product in the Small Producer Awards and reached Highly Commended in the Q Gold Award for Small Producer Awards overall - an amazing achievement having only entered just the one product; their live organic vanilla yoghurt. Such a triple accolade is an enormous endorsement of the hard work that goes into producing such a high quality organic yoghurt.

Judith Freane said of the multiple awards win "The huge efforts from the team on the farm, in the yoghurt room and office has put Brown Cow Organics at the top of the country's finest food producers."

Brown Cow Organics live vanilla yoghurt is made using only the finest organic Guernsey milk from their own herd, a little organic sugar and Madagascan vanilla; no thickeners or stabilisers are used. Their multiple wins are proof indeed that quality fresh food with low sugar can be produced using minimal ingredients that are healthy to eat.

Brown Cow Organics herd of 100 Guernsey dairy cows supports 11 local families through local employment; six make up the yoghurt team producing this multi award winning yoghurt, all live local to the Somerset Farm.

September 2017

Winners Highly Commended Local Meat Award Bath Food and Drink Awards

The Bath Good Food awards recognise the best in food and drink in and around Bath. Brown Cow Organics were delighted to receive the Highly Commended Award in the Local Meat category.

We've done the triple - finalists in THREE Food Awards!

We couldn't be more excited and delighted to be notified we are finalists in not one, not two but three different awards this September.

We're attending the award ceremony for the Bath Good Food awards on Sunday 24th September, so cross fingers for us.

The other two ceremonies will be later this year, we'll keep you posted.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for us.

Pop Up market at Borough Market Hall London

For #OrganicSeptember we are joining the River Cottage Borough Market Hall residency from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd September 10am-5pm daily with our pop up market stall where you can purchase from our range of organic yoghurts and organic beef.


Abel & Cole yoghurts launched - produced by Brown Cow Organics

On 16th September after many months of putting our heads together with the Abel and Cole team they launched two organic yoghurts made by Brown Cow Organics exclusively for Abel & Cole for their newly launched organic free range dairy and eggs range.

The two flavours are moocha and moomalade and they come in 2 x 125g glass jar packs.

Available only from Abel & Cole.

Click for more information and to order from Abel & Cole

March 17

March 2017
The TV show Escape to the Country came and filmed at the farm on 31st of this month the show is due to be aired in the Autumn this year.

February 17

February 17
On 1st February our celebrity Guernsey cow Bonny (who 'writes' #BonnysBlog) had a beautiful girl calf.

On 3rd February Judith appeared several times with our Brown Cow Organics organic yoghurts on the TV show Jimmy & Jamies Feast during a piece about community fridges. Judith was in Frome donating some of our yoghurts to the Frome Fridge initiative. This was not to be our first appearance on TV this month as on the same day the BBC1 Countryfile team came for a days filiming at Perridge Farm.

On 19th February the Countryfile show aired on BBC1 and we appeared three times, in the intro, then a 3-4 minute section all about our farm, Guernsey Herd and organic beef and then the last section showing our organic yoghurt production, dairy Guernseys and the presenters Mattt Baker and Ellie Harrison did some blind tasting of our organic vegetable yoghurts with Judith in the farm kitchen.

As a result of our appearance on Countryfile, we had pieces written about us in some local newspapers too.

2016 News

November | December 16

November we joined the SBS Bus (as a Small Business Saturday Biz 100) when it came to Bath and spent a very chilly day talking to lots people and giving out tasting samples of our organic yoghurts and organic beef. Then of course we had Black Friday introduced from USA and now a staple of British shopping.
December a last yet very important month of 2016.
First Judith joined the Small Business Saturday team at a reception at No 10 Downing Street, it was a remarkable opportunity to attend this event and actually be one of only 30 businesses to actually exhibit our produce to government officials and to have the opportunity to speak to Margot James Small Business Minister.
Then to top the year off on an incredible high we won Highly Commended for Champions in Sustainable Farming Award at the prestigious Food and Farming Industry Awards which was presented to me and Clive at the House of Commons dinner to celebrate the awards.This final award is our 46th to date for our organic farm and produce; all made possible by our Guernsey herd and the incredibly dedicated team of 11 local people that work with us on the farm, in the dairy production, in the butchery and the office. What a year!

September | October 16

September means Organic September! A month long ‘celebration’ of all things organic; we ran tasting events and ran offers and promotions throughout.
We were also selected by Small Business Saturday as one of their SBS biz 100 companies.
October begins our busiest time of the year, Christmas! Our first order came in on email before we had even launched the Christmas Fayre range on our website! We also attended the annual Wells Food Festival and met 100's of local people to talk to about our organic beef and organic yoghurt.

July | August 16

July grass yields were phenomenal this year so plenty of grass to eat all year round for our Guernsey herd. Another award! our organic rib eye steak won a gold star award in the Great Taste Awards; The Judges said "Great texture and an amazing flavour from the grass feeding."

August we launched a wet fish range partnering with an MSC accredited fish supplier; fish all locally sourced from South Coast and fully traceable from catch to kitchen.

May | June 16

May our Strawberry & Vanilla organic panna-cotta won the BOOM Awards yoghurt & dairy category-what an accolade! Also the Taste of the West awards were announced and we had won 3 awards yoghurt, organic rib eye steak and again our panna-cotta.
An article appeared by Nick Triggle BBC health correspondent about the importance of wholemilk yoghurt, a part quote here In its normal state natural full-fat it’s pretty good for you. It can boost your immune system, is good for your bones and is great at satisfying hunger we couldn’t have agreed more! You can read the full article here
June means one thing to everyone in our village of Pilton Glastonbury Festival! We do love a boogie here at the farm so we enjoy the music drifting over the fields, the cows seem to love it too!

March | April 16

March it was announced that a new British Journal of Nutrition study published showed that organic dairy products and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic This new study backed up our own independent analysis on our organic yoghurt and beef produced on our farm read more here

April found our organic beef and it’s nutritional benefits featured in a recipe book published by Danny Lidgate of Lidgates in London; the prestigeous Holland Park London Butchers customers of our beef for over 12 years.

January | February

January saw the launch of our our mobile/tablet responsive website. It was also a full year since pv panel installation and they’d generated 27900 KW of energy! ALL of that energy was utilised for our production and chiller facilities.

February researchers said they had proven eating vanilla yoghurt makes you happy, that didn’t surprise us at all! You can read more about the research here
We held a memorial for Henry Myles who passed in February 2015 at the age of 90. Henry worked with my Father on Perridge Farm from the early 1950’s right up until he was in his mid-eighties.

2015 News

Vanilla Yoghurt makes you Happy!

A new Study* researching our emotional responses when eating unknown foods has found that vanilla yoghurt can make you happy. The results published in Food Research International revealed being surprised or disappointed with what you are eating can actually change a person's mood.

Using various methods people's emotional responses to food were measured, in particular yoghurt and found that eating vanilla yoghurt can make you happy; there was no effect on participants' emotional state when it eating fruit yoghurt - even when people reported differences in their liking for it.

To confirm their theory, the researchers used a new method called an 'emotive projection test' to determine how different types of yoghurt affected people's moods.

The results showed that liking or being familiar with the brand of yoghurt had no impact on participants' emotions. But after tasting it there was an effect on their mood, depending on whether they were surprised or disappointed by its taste.

The researchers also took into account the sensory effect of the yoghurts. Both strawberry and pineapple flavours were found to have no emotional effect. Vanilla flavoured yoghurt, meanwhile, elicited the strongest positive emotional response!

So just like in unknowingly perceived ambient odours, vanilla flavour in yoghurt has positive mood effects.

Yoghurt may change the way our brain responds to the environment

Yogurt may actually change the way our brain responds to the environment an UCLA study shows.

Researchers have known the brain sends signals to the gut hence why stress and other emotions can contribute to gastrointestinal symptoms.
Now researchers at UCLA have uncovered evidence that this works the other way; the gut can signal to the brain as well.

In a study* of healthy women, those who regularly consumed probiotic bacteria (live cultures) through yoghurt showed altered brain function; evidence that bacteria ingested in food can affect brain function in humans; showing that signals travel the opposite way as well - long suspected, however until now had been proved only in animal studies.

Researchers are studying the potential benefits of certain probiotics in yogurts on mood symptoms such as anxiety and other nutritional strategies may also be found to be beneficial.

"Many of us have a container of yogurt in our refrigerator that we may eat for enjoyment, for calcium or because we think it might help our health in other ways. Our findings indicate that some of the contents of yogurt may actually change the way our brain responds to the environment. When we consider the implications of this work*, the old sayings 'you are what you eat' and 'gut feelings' take on new meaning." (quote by Dr. Kirsten Tillisch, an associate professor of medicine, digestive diseases division, UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine and lead author of the study.)

*The study, conducted by scientists with the Gail and Gerald Oppenheimer Family Center for Neurobiology of Stress, part of the UCLA Division of Digestive Diseases, and the Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center at UCLA, appears in the current online edition of the peer-reviewed journal Gastroenterology.

MOOS - #BonnysBlog posts from our #littlebrowncalf

Our #littlebrowncalf Bonny is writing a blog which she started just 16 days after she was born. Facinating insights into life on the farm, rich with images and videos for your entertainment.

To follow #BonnysBlog post announcements on our Twitter and Facebook channels click the icons above.

Click here to read #BonnysBlog most recent post

Gold Taste of the West Award for our Vanilla Yoghurt

We are delighted to have received a GOLD AWARD for our Brown Cow Organics Live Organic yoghurt in the Taste of the West Awards this year.

NEW STOCKIST - Brown Cow Organics & River Cottage Yoghurts

We are delighted to welcome Two Peas in a Pod as a new stockist of our Live Organic Brown Cow Organics & River Cottage Yoghurt ranges.

Two Peas in a Pod
83 Church Road
SW13 9HH

Tel Shop: 02087480232

Bronze in Englands Best Burger Challenge

Emblex asked us to 'Be proud of your burger' and to 'Rise to the Challenge' in their Englands Best Burger Challenge.

Well we are definately proud of our award winning burgers and are delighted that our Brown Cow Organics Organic Beef Burger has been awarded Bronze in the Englands Best Beefburger Challenge in the Butcher category.

Burgers can be part of a nutritious, healthy, balanced diet, especially when made using only the beef, onion & seasoning in ours. Our Organic Beef Mince provides a highly succulent, tender and tasty burger; an irresistibly delicious and hearty meal for adults and a fun meal for kids.


Hubbub is a home delivery service on a mission to save the high street - you place your order with them online or by phone, they pass the orders to the individual shops who pack your order, Hubub collect all the items from your Hubbub order and deliver to your door.
We are delighted that they include our Brown Cow Organics & River Cottage yoghurts from some of our high street independent retail stockists.

To check if they deliver to your area of London click here and check on their website

Our Quest Begins..........................and prizes to be won!

Together with the lovely people at River Cottage we are on a quest to bring their River Cottage Live Organic Yoghurts to your favourite local independent retail stockist and we'd love all you River Cottage fans, to help us in our quest - As you can see even the calves are joining in (we don't think you'll find any yoghurt in Judiths blouse little one!)

It could be your local farm or village shop - as long they are an independent retail outlet. Just let us know where you want River Cottage yoghurts stocked for your chance to enter our competition. Deadline for entries is 12 noon on 16 May 2014 - You can enter as many times as you want, as long as it's a different nomination each time.

To check your favourite isn't already a stockist go to Our Stockists page on this website first - not there? Then all you have to do is CLICK HERE and go to the River Cottage Website and tell us where you would like to see the wonderful River Cottage Live Organic Yoghurt stocked.

To say 'thank you' for taking the time to nominate your local shop' you could be in with a chance of winning one of these wonderful prizes.

First prize: A family ticket for four people, for three day access to our River Cottage Food Fair
Second prize: Hamper of River Cottage live organic yoghurts
Third prize: A River Cottage online courses of your choice for five lucky entrants

So stop wishing and start nominating now! Don't forget to follow the #quest on Brown Cow Organics Facebook and Brown Cow Organics Twitter

Fortnum & Mason - up to 25% off River Cottage in store in their Best of British Event

Fortnum and Mason are celebrating the Bank Holiday Weekend with up to 25% off their Best of British favourites and they are including our Organic River Cottage yoghurt in this event over the Bank Holiday, starting tomorrow 2nd May running through until Monday 5th May.

We're on a quest...................

On the 17th March we are starting an exciting 'quest' with River Cottage - make sure you're 'in the know' join our newsletter by clicking here & follow us on Twitter @browncoworganic and our farm & cow news @perridgefarm


Read and view our most recent appearences in the media here press.
2013 First Good Dairy Award from Compassion in World Farming

2013 First Good Dairy Award from Compassion in World Farming

We are thrilled that our determination to keep animal welfare as a priority in everything we do and all the food we produce has been acknowledged with this award from Compassion in World Farming. You have to make some very tough decisions as a farmer nevertheless my husband we have always been resolute that animal welfare will and is critical in everything we do. This award clearly demonstrates to and reassures our customers that we uncompromisingly pursue high welfare standards.

Gold & Dairy Category Winner Organic Food Awards

Brown Cow Organics were overjoyed to receive both a Gold and Dairy Category winner award for their Live Organic Natural yoghurt at the Soil Association Organic Food Awards (now in their 27th year) ceremony on 19th September 2013. The Organic Food Awards blow the trumpet for the best of the best; producers who go that extra mile showcasing the UK's best organic food produced with passion, creativity and care. Brown Cow Organics are thrilled to be a double winner this year - the judges described the Brown Cow Organics live organic award winning Natural Yoghurt as "Rich, tangy, mouth-watering, keeps giving flavour, nice colour, not too thick." The Soil Association commented "Brown Cow Organics have shown a dedicated ethos to animal welfare, provenance of a product that supports local employment and a dedication to their local environment and most importantly supports a small family run farm."
Judith Freane owner of Brown Cow Organics was as pleased as her renowned 'Happy Cows' and said when this year's results were announced "these awards are so important to us and our customers, they differentiate our products and provide consumers with a reliable seal of approval - based not only upon great taste - but recognition of our animal welfare and environmental ethos too; it confirms they can trust they are purchasing a quality product."
It's a been a splendid year of recognition from the Soil Association for Brown Cow Organics; during their annual Soil Association assessment this year the inspector commented to Judith "The animal welfare standard on this farm is excellent and the best I have ever seen in my fifteen years as a Soil Association Inspector."
You can view the full Press Release Here

Dark Cherry Live Organic Yoghurt Wins Gold Great Taste Award 2013

Brown Cow Organics have won another Gold Award at this year's Great Taste Award, this year for their Dark Cherry Live Organic yoghurt. Their dark cherry flavour was introduced into the 155g individual pot size range earlier this year and is now available in a 500g pot
Read the full Press Release Here

Brown Cow Organics joins Bradford on Avon local food map

Brown Cow Organics are delighted to be part of the joint enterprise between Climate friendly Bradford on Avon and A Local Life. It has resulted in a first intiative of a large food map poster; listing & showing local producers and restaurants in the catchment area. The maps' aim is to help local people, visitors and tourists to know where locally produced food is sold and served. It also acts as a resource for local businesses wanting to do business with local producers.
Click here & go to page 36 to read more and see the map

Saturday 31st August - Somerton 'Pop-Up' Farmers Market

Brown Cow Organics are attending the 'pop-up' market in the Somerton Market Place (opposite the Market Cross) on Saturday 31st August from 9am to 1pm. There will be at least 18 to 20 producers there offering a range of local produce including our man Jason, with our award winning organic beef and organic yoghurts.

To obtain a discount from us on the day at the market, find our advert in the Somerton Sentinal August 8th Issue and bring it along with you!

If you would like to pre-order any of our organic beef or yoghurt for collection at this 'pop up' market, simply place your order online and select collect from farm option and mark in the comments box that you wish to collect from Somerton pop up market on Saturday 31st August. Market collection orders must be paid for online in advance and will be held for your collection on your specified market collection day. Simply bring a copy of your order email with you to the market and the card used for the order.

31st August -Yoghurt tastings at Fortnum and Mason London Food Market

Fortnum's Food Markets are held on the last Friday and Saturday of each month on Saturday 31st August Brown Cow Organics will be there with our multi award winning live organic yoghurts. Come and meet us, taste our yoghurts and learn the story behind our extraordinary products. You can purchase on the day and take them home to delight your family and friends. The food market is rather like taking a delightfully slow stroll along the village street, where people who are passionate about food have the time to take you into their world and Brown Cow Organics are excited to be part of this months Food Market at Fortnum's Food Halls from 11am to 5pm on Saturday 31st August 2013.
For more details of the food market and store address click here

What an Olympic Awards year - We've won FOUR Golds at the Great Taste Awards

Gold Star and 2 Gold Star Winning products

2 Gold Star- River Cottage Panna-cotta - described by the judges as "Beautiful presentation with custardy raspberry aroma, great contrast between the fruity topping and creamy base. Delicious fruit and excellent flavours, all-round very moreish - A little pot of luxury.

Gold Star
r -Live Organic Natural Yoghurt (also winner in 2011) - described by the judges as "Smooth and thick, tastes creamy with nice finish, good mouth feel"

Gold Star -Live Organic Orange, Lemon & Ginger yoghurt a new flavour introduced in 2011 - described by the judges as "Light and creamy, refreshing delicate balance of flavours; genuinely good combination"

Gold Star -Organic Beef Burgers - described by the judges as "Wholesome beef and fresh onion smell, good thickness, an attractive burger. Really good balance of flavours with the right amount of onion."
Most desirable dairy product

Most desirable dairy product

Our natural yoghurt just keeps on winning and winning, not only has it won awards at the Royal Bath & West show for the last 3 years and Great Taste awards for this it's 3rd year, now able & Cole Customers have voted our natural live organic yoghurt 2nd place in the 'most desirable dairy product' category and the only yoghurt to be voted for in this category - we are honoured.

New Design for our 500g natural Yoghurt

Earlier this year we asked for your opinion of our pot design and information and we were delighted so many of you took the time to give us your views.
We took all your suggestions on board and we hope you love our new design & more in-depth information provided for you.
Our new 500g Natural pot design is out at stockists now and other flavours will follow as stocks of existing design are depleted. In the meantime here's a photo showing that we listened and what you can look forward to seeing across our BCO yoghurt range in the future.

Abel and Cole visit

In May Abel and Cole, our online stockist came to visit Perridge Farm and meet the cows. They were so impressed they produced a video to record their time with us and to show Abel and Cole customers on their own website. View the video here

We never shoot our bull calves

Brown Cow Organics announces it NEVER shoots their bull calves
Conscious of public response to the first episode of the Channel 4 documentary with Jimmy Doherty (distressingly showing how bull calves born to dairy herds are traditionally shot at birth) Brown Cow Organics have announced they NEVER shoot their bull calves.
Instead they took a potential negative and turned it into a positive and developed a new market as far back as the late 1990's. They did this by rearing their Guernsey dairy herd males right through to adulthood on their organic certified farm in Pilton (home of Glastonbury Festival) to produce their multi award winning organic beef which is raved about by a whole host of industry peers and chefs such as Sheila Dillon on the Radio 4 Food Programme, Jamie Oliver, Rick Stein, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the Food Observer magazine.
Judith Freane owner of Brown Cow Organics said "you have to make some very tough decisions as a farmer but from the beginning Clive and I were determined to avoid any culling practices on our farm, animal welfare is a priority in everything we do and all the food we produce." Judith took over the dairy herd in the 90's from her Father who had planned to sell Perridge farm (the home of Brown Cow Organics) since then Judith and her husband Clive have never looked back,
Brown Cow Organics Beef won its first industry award in 2001 and hasn't stopped winning them since, you can buy their organic beef direct from Brown Cow Organics for delivery to your door on their website (they provide national delivery or you can collect from farm )or by phone. You can also purchase from them at a variety of Farmers markets or from Lidgate butchers in Holland Park London.

Brown Cow wins Gold Star Award at Royal Bath & West Show for 'Best Organic Yoghurt'

June 2012 - Winners Gold - Royal Bath & West Show
We've won Gold for the category:

Winners Gold - Royal Bath & West Show

June 2011 - Winners Gold - Royal Bath & West Show
Weve won Gold for the category:
Best Stirred Yoghurt

Winners Silver - Royal Bath & West Show

June 2011 - Winners Silver - Royal Bath & West Show
Weve won Silver for the category:
Three Fruit Yoghurts

We are supporting Coeliac Awareness Week

Our Brown Cow Organics Live Organic Yoghurts are gluten free and as producers of a gluten free product we are supporting the Coeliac organisation awareness week initiative.

We've also introduced a 'Gluten Free BBQ Pack' especially in support of Coeliac Awareness week. If you have or want to eat Gluten free then visit our special offers page for our tasty Gluten free BBQ pack and free delivery offer (UK mainland only) when you buy the 5kg freezer and Gluten free BBQ packs together, saving £12.50 (incl vat)

Awareness Week takes place from 14 - 20 May and they are running with the theme of
The Gluten-free Challenge.

Eating out is still consistently ranked as one of the issues most important to Coeliacs' and they are launching Gluten-free Challenge week, to get the nation thinking about people with coeliac disease.

For more information on the Coeliac Awareness week or to get involved click here

River Cottage Panna-Cotta available now at online stockists Abel & Cole

We're delighted to announce our spring launch of River Cottage Vanilla & Blackcurrant Panna Cottas' through our online retailer Abel and Cole. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had some serious words to say about this gorgeous product we have produced for River Cottage, so we put them on the lid!

Hugh said of the New River Cottage Panacotta
"You couldn't ask for better ingredients for a Panna Cotta than Judith's exquisite Brown Cow Organics Guernsey milk, cream and yoghurt. And that's why we're confident you'll never taste a better one than this!"

100ml Hospitality Yoghurt Range launched march 2012

100ml Hospitality Yoghurt Range launched march 2012

Brown Cow Organics producer of award winning live organic artisan yoghurt has launched 100ml yoghurts in glass jars for the hospitality industry. Produced using organic whole milk - from their own Guernsey herd born raised and grazed on their farm organic acres- and natural and organic ingredients without artificial colours, additives or preservatives (and GMO free.) This luscious, sumptuous yoghurt is available by the case (18 jars) two mixed or individual flavours. Mixed cases are 'Classic Collection' (Honey, Vanilla & Natural) or 'Fruit Collection'- organic fruit compote organic natural yoghurt topped (Apricot, Blueberry, and Strawberry).
Hand processed and poured into recyclable, re-usable glass jars this artisan process produces naturally thick rich yoghurt without using emulsifiers, stabilisers or thickeners. Ingredients are totally natural, non-homogenised, contain only 5% fat and are rich in Omega 3s and other trace elements. The full range can be seen on their website; enquiries from interested wholesalers and distributors are welcome.

Brown Cow Organics no longer at Nailsea Farmers Market

We are no longer attending Nailsea Market - you can still visit us at Somerset Farmers Markets in Wells, Frome and Midsomer Norton details on our events page
Sign up to our Moosletters, promotions & competitions

Sign up to our Moosletters, promotions & competitions

CLICK HERE to take you to our Moosletter sign up form, or use the QR code image to access the sign up form from any QR code compatible mobile phone.

Brown Cow Organics Beef cooked BBC Radio 2 with gastronome Nigel Barden

On 3rd November's ' Foodie Thursday' slot on the Simon Mayo show, Drivetime's resident gastronome Nigel Barden served up a classic roast beef and trimmings meal using Brown Cow Organics Beef - SEE THE RECIPE HERE

New Market - Midsomer Norton starting Saturday 1st October

New Market - Midsomer Norton starting Saturday 1st October
We will be at the Midsomer Norton Farmers Market this Autumn & Winter starting Saturday 1st October. Go to our events page for full details the week before. Or visit the Somerset Farmers Market website for more details

Brown Cow Organics - Invitation only Trade Open Day

Brown Cow Organics Trade Open Day
We invited trade customers to an informal yet information packed day down at our farm. Welly- booted customers from many areas of the food industry came along; delicatessen owners, chilled food wholesalers, speciality food shops and the hospitality sector - including chefs from local Babington House nr Frome and Komedia in Bath - who both have Brown Cow Organics produce on their menus.
After a welcome coffee and homemade cake visitors were taken on a hosted walk around the 450 acre organic farm - including strolling amongst the very inquisitive calves - whilst hearing talks from the owners Judith and Clive Freane about the providence, nutrition and sustainability behind their award winning organic yoghurts and organic beef.
After a BBQ lunch where the guests enjoyed Brown Cow Organics beef burgers and yogurt (whilst sitting around the farmyard on bales of hale and warmed by fire pits to keep off the Autumnal chill) they viewed the dairy production facility and enjoyed hearing about the herd care and nutrition from Stephen Turner of Somerset Organic Veterinary practice; vet to the farm and brother of Judith Freane. This was followed by the story of Brown Cow Organics and their partnership with River Cottage from Judith herself, plus a chat about the artisan production from Shane Green the dairy production manager.
Judith was delighted with the turnout for the day and was very appreciative of the people that had taken time out of their businesses to come along "We think it's so important for our customers to know all about the Brown Cow Organics produce they are selling or serving so they can knowledgeably advise their customers -and we couldn't think of a better way than for them to see the farm and facilities for themselves"
The visitors unanimously agreed it had been a very informative day and very worth the time to come along - all were given an information and sample pack to take away, including Brown Cow Organics Christmas Pudding yoghurt, launching mid October.
Brown Cow Organics award winning produce comes from their born raised and grazed on their farm organic Guernsey herd and the visitors to their trade open day can certainly testify to the Brown Cow Organics food coming from 'Happy Cows'.
Stratford Upon Avon Food Festival - 24th & 25th September

Stratford Upon Avon Food Festival - 24th & 25th September

Stratford Upon Avon Food Festival - 24th & 25th September
Another 1st for Brown Cow Organics events this year - We'll be serving our delicious organic beef burgers, steaks and yoghurts opposite the demonstration theatre tent; watch, learn, munch and enjoy our succulent organic food to go at this fabulous Food Festival in Stratford Upon Avon!

The Stratford food festival takes place on the 24th and 25th September and is set to be a great day out for all the family. Multiple demonstration theatres showcasing everything from local culinary expertise to celebrity chef shows; accompany a variety of stalls showcasing fine food and drink from across the region and nationally. Children's entertainment along with a taste trail is also in store along with much more.
To see more about the festival
Click here to view their website

Mid Somerset Show

Mid Somerset Show - Sunday 21st August
The Mid Somerset Show held in the centre of Shepton Mallet in August each year is a lovely traditional show and one which uniquely provides free entry for the mainly local families who enjoy this wonderful day out and Brown Cow Organics are delighted to be providing their catering Herd on the Moove BBQ offering our organic beefburgers, sausages and bacon at this local event.
Up to 15,000 people attended in 2010 and the show has never been more enjoyable and worthwhile we look forward to seeing you there.

Location: Mid-Somerset Show Field, Cannards Grave Road, Shepton Mallet.
Click here to view their website

ORGANIC FOOD FESTIVAL 2011 - 3rd & 4th September Bristol

ORGANIC FOOD FESTIVAL 2011 - 3rd & 4th September Bristol Harbour

Come and visit us to taste and buy our Organic Beef and artisan organic yoghurts; plus our fabulous Brown Cow BBQ - with our organic burgers, sausages, bacon & steak all on the menu, scrumptious!!!

Other reasons to visit (as if you need more!)
Special show discount offers; Xmas beef tasting and ordering service, sausage & beef burger demonstrations in the main demonstration tent, see show guide for details.

This Festival has now become one of the biggest organic producer markets in the UK. Driven by a passion for food that is fresh and grown or reared on healthy soil, free from chemical pesticides and fertilisers - a perfect showcase for Brown Cow Organics.
The Organic Food Festival brings together food champions, artisan producers and food lovers in a single fabulous event open to the public.

To see more about the festival visit their website
Click here to view their website

Marlborough Jazz Festival 15-17 July 2011

Marlborough Jazz Festival 15-17 July 2011
Well the weather threatened, the rain came down, and then the sun shone! What a wonderful time was had by all, not least the Herd on the Moove team from Brown Cow Organics who worked hard all over the weekend in the Priory Gardens serving our delicious organic beefburgers, sausages and bacon (but couldn't resist dancing along to the Jazz vibes while they cooked!) to the Marlborough Jazz Festival revellers.

Heavy storms all morning threatened to dampen the spirits of the thousands of jazz enthusiasts from all over the world who make the annual pilgrimage to Marlborough, where this year 100 bands played in more than 20 venues. However as the first bands struck up on Saturday afternoon the rain miraculously stopped and the sun came out. Mr Nick Fogg (ex Mayor of Marlborough) said the festival was bigger and better than the year before and record ticket sales this year proved him right; an estimated 1,000 musicians and singers performed in the town over the weekend with its culmination being the sell-out show by Jazz Queen and radio broadcaster Clare Teal .

Brown Cow wins 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award for Natural Yoghurt

Brown Cow wins 2 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2011 for Natural Yoghurt
The Great Taste Awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the food industry acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. Only 608 products out of 7,500 were awarded a 2 Gold Star this year and Brown Cow Organics are thrilled to have received this accolade for their Live Organic Natural Yoghurt.

Brown Cow wins 1 Star Gold Great Taste Award for River Cottage Blackcurrant Panacotta

Brown Cow wins 1 Star Gold Great Taste Award 2011 for River Cottage Blackcurrant Pannacotta
Only 1686 products out of 7,500 were awarded a 1 Gold Star Great Taste Award this year and Brown Cow Organics are delighted to have received this award from the Guild of Fine Food for this wonderful River Cottage product that we only launched in November 2010

Winners Gold - Royal Bath & West Show

June 2011 - Winners Gold - Royal Bath & West Show
Weve won Gold for the category:
plain or flavoured, made from any Organic certified milk.

Winners - Royal Bath & West Show 2011

June 2011 Silver Winners - Royal Bath & West Show 2011
Weve won Silver for the category THREE CARTONS OF FRUIT YOGURT
(stirred) made either with whole cows' milk or skimmed cows' milk, to include: 1 strawberry and 2 other flavours.

Winners Bronze - Royal Bath & West Show

June 2011 Bronze Winners - Royal Bath & West Show 2011

Weve won Bronze for the category:
YOGURT made either with whole cows' milk or skimmed cows' milk.

Winners - Award for Outstanding Contribution to Food in Somerset

May 2011 Winners - Award for Outstanding Contribution to Food in Somerset

We have just won the Taste of Somerset Harmsworth Award for Outstanding Contribution to Food in Somerset. An award that recognises an individual or company that has put Somerset on the map with inspiration, energy, imagination and use of Somerset ingredients.

Judith & Clive Freane attended the finalists awards dinner on Friday 8th April and were delighted to be announched as the winners in this, the highest accolade category of the Taste of Somerset Awards.

After being presented with the award Judith said "I am really shocked, delighted and honoured that Brown Cow Organics has been recognised by its industry peers and would like to thank all our our customers and peers that voted for us."

Red Nose Day 'Eat Red' Competition

Join us in the 'Red Nose Day' fun and send us your most delicious, wackiest, interesting or even funny ha ha (but tasty) recipes using Brown Cow Organics Beef by 19th Marchand we will donate 50p to Comic Relief for every recipe we publish online. (they must be proper recipes that can be followed with ingredients and full cooking instructions) Find out more 'nosey'........... - Follow us on Twitter and facebook for updates!
First time Beef Customers helping us support Comic Relief 2011

First time Beef Customers helping us support Comic Relief 2011

Are you a first time customer of our Organic Beef? then you can help us support Comic Relief, for every new customer that orders beef from us by Red Nose Day 8th March (order over £50 excl delivery charge) we will donate £2.00 to Comic Relief

Brown Cow Organics attends Olly Smith Secret Supper Club

Brown Cow Organics were invited to take part in Olly Smith's new series 'The Secret Supper Club' and owner Judith Freane went along. Judith Freane of Brown Cow Organics was invited by Olly Smith to participate in a Somerset episode of 'The Secret Supper Club' which aired on Channel 4 on Saturday 26th February. You can see Judith on the show that aired on Saturday 26th February on 4OD Click Here

'The Secret Suppler Club' TV show features Olly Smith travelling the country to stage a series of adventurous suppers, finding local producers willing to help plan, prepare and serve a Secret Supper for ten diners; all in just two days. So begins a fun celebration of local food in great settings to inspire a new trend in communal dining.

Starting firstly at the 'edible audition', Judith from Brown Cow Organics took along their organic beef and yoghurts. Then she went along to the actual 'Secret Supper' with 9 other guests; an apple harvest banquet at an orchard in Somerset's cider country, where they all enjoyed a meal made by fellow local producers.

Asked what she thought about her TV appearance Judith said "It's a tremendous boost to all the local producers to be featured so clearly as part of the food journey from 'soil to plate' in Olly's TV show; Brown Cow Organics were delighted to have been a part of the Somerset 'Secret Supper Club' experience."

Independent analysis proves higher trace elements in Brown Cow Organics Beef and Yoghurt

Brown Cow Organics Beef

Independent analysis test results of Brown Cow organic beef* against analysis of conventional grass fed beef** show there is a marked difference; with trace elements and omega-3:omega-6 ratio, being distinctly higher in Brown Cow Organics beef (see Nutrition page). Judith Freane of Brown Cow Organics said of these results "We believe these trace elements contribute to the quality, sweet tenderness, succulence and flavour of Brown Cow Organics beef." The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 in the diet determines body tissue ratio; since these molecules have many cellular roles, it doesn't stretch the imagination that they could have an effect on health.
The omega-3 fatty acid role in health is wide, as it is a good fat required for a multitude of essential biological processes to maintain healthy bodily functions. Part of the problem of modern day diet omega ratio is that cattle are often fed on corn and wheat rather than grass, so the omega ratio within the meat is slanted towards omega 6. Changing your beef source to Brown Cow Organics beef will improve the omega 3 to 6 ratio by a noticeable amount immediately.

Brown Cow Organics Milk and Yoghurt

Brown Cow Organics Guernsey herd milk is totally natural, non-homogenised, contains only 5% fat is rich in Omega 3s and other trace elements; their live organic yoghurts are produced only from Brown Cow Organics organic Guernsey milk (the majority of milk to be found in major supermarket chains are homogenised, this can make them difficult to digest for some people.) Independent tests in comparison with other leading brands show Brown Cow Organics yoghurt is much higher in Omega 3s and other trace elements (see Nutrition page)
Analysis released by scientists at Newcastle University states that organic milk is a proven, natural way to provide desirable fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants without increasing our intake of less desirable fatty acids. By choosing organic milk saturated fats can be cut by 30-50 % yet still get the same intake of beneficial fatty acids; so organic is a better quality option.^ ( ^analysis report by scientists at Newcastle University)
Pioneering organic farming

The 480 acres of Perridge Farm (the home of Brown Cow Organics) are continually analysed to maintain and consistently build nutritional soil structure and fertility; aiming for a balance of minerals, trace elements and bacterial (the good stuff) activity - under the UKFROS strict regulations, adhered to by the Soil Association.
The result? The Brown Cow Organics Guernsey herd has an astonishingly high health status (common illnesses like lameness and mastitis are well below the national average). An article published in the Weekend Review section of The Times reported on our pioneering work said of Brown Cow Organics farm "Perridge Farm is one of the loveliest places in England - the French would describe it as a 'terroir superb' - a place ideally suited to its purpose - that of producing Britain's finest organic beef."
Our mission at Brown Cow Organics is to bring delicious, healthy, organic ' soil to plate' food, proven to be have higher trace elements that benefit your well-being; we believe we have achieved this as our nutritional analysis shows.
Sadly we are not permitted by Trading Standards to make any health claims as a result of these statistics, we leave you to come to your own conclusions!

NEW - Seven Brown Cow Yoghurt Flavours

Brown Cow has just launched seven NEW yoghurt flavours in their 155ml individual pot sizes. the new flavours are:
Banana - Creamy, light and delicate
Dark Cherry - Luscious, rich, warm with a piquent hint
Orange, Lemon & Ginger - Juicy citrus with a little 'kick' of fresh ginger, incredibly moorish
Pineapple & Grapefruit - A wonderful mix of tropical and citrus, zingy yet soft
Butterscotch - Caramel creaminess
Peach - Succulent fresh creamy peach, delicious
Christmas Pudding - Our seasonal sensation; the absolute essence of Christmas in your favourite yoghurt - Christmas can come everyday!

NEW - River Cottage Panacotta - Three Fabulous Flavours

We're delighted to launch the River Cottage Pana Cotta . Three fabulous flavours, Vanilla, Raspberry & Blackberry. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had some serious words to say about this gorgeous product we have produced for River Cottage, so we put them on the lid!

Hugh said of the New River Cottage Panacotta
"You couldn't ask for better ingredients for a Panna Cotta than Judith's esquisite Brown Cow Organics Guernsey milk, cream and yoghurt. And that's why we're confident you'll never taste a better one than this!"
Brown Cow Organics supporting 'Children in Need'

Brown Cow Organics supporting 'Children in Need'

Thanks to everyone who helped us help Pudsey!
Brown Cow Organics are donating 5% of all customers Christmas order values placed with us online quoting 'PUDSEY' between 18th-20th November at 5pm (excluding Gift Vouchers/Delivery charges)

Judith Freane meets HRH The Prince of Wales at Start Living Advice Centre Opening

Judith Freane was honoured to be invited to meet HRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, along with a select number of organisations at the opening of the Start Living Advice Centre, located in Cabot Circus, Bristol on the 7th September.

Start ( is a national initiative by The Prince's Charities Foundation to promote and celebrate sustainable living and practices; from ethical business to fair farming, social justice to rainforest protection. The Cabot Circus Centre opening began a tour of ten different locations throughout Britain, to celebrate sustainable community living.

Brown Cow Organics were there representing organic farming, sustainable food production and as a major participant at the Organic Food Festival.

During the meeting Judith spoke about the Brown Cow Organics business, its sustainability ethos and achievements. The Prince of Wales discussed the challenges of organic farming with Judith in the Community Room at the Advice Centre and was delighted to be able to taste the produce and said of the Vanilla yoghurt he sampled "That really is quite magnificent yoghurt", The Duchess of Cornwall expressed a view that her son Tom Parker Bowles should and would be told about the quality of produce from Brown Cow Organics after she had declared the same yoghurt as "absolutely delicious!"

Judith also joined Mr Philip Lowrey (Founder and Director of Real Food Festivals Ltd) to announce the final line-up of the Organic Food Festival held last weekend (11th/12th September), Brown Cow Organics were one of the largest participants at the Festival.

Somerset Taste Award 2010 Runner Up

'Best Meat Producer' Runner Up in the Somerset Taste Awards 2010
A big thanks for the 1000's of you in Somerset who voted for us

Brown Cow wins another 4 Awards

Brown Cow wins another Four Awards! We are delighted to have won Four Gold Star Awards in the Great Taste Awards 2010 for our Organic Beef.

Go to our awards page for full details

Royal Bath & West Show Gold & Silver Winners June 2010

Brown Cow Organics practically swept the board in the organic yoghurt categories at the Royal Bath & West show on June 2nd 2010.

*GOLD* - In the 3 cartons of fruit yoghurt class (stirred made either with whole cows' milk or skimmed cows' milk, to include: 1 strawberry and 2 other flavours).

*SILVER* - In the One 250g. carton of organic yoghurt class (plain or flavoured, made from any Organic certified milk.)


River Cottage 500ml Natural & 500ml Vanilla yoghurts available from Ocado starting Monday 5th July. Visit their website to order online

Linda Barker choses Brown Cow Cow Hide rugs in home makeover

Brown Cow Organics were delighted when Linda Barker chose one of our luxury Cow Hide rugs in a home makeover, on the ITV show 60 Minute Makeover at 2pm on June 8th 2010 - you can see the show again on IVT on demand or even better view our rugs on our website now!

Watch Judith Freane Video on Green TV

Judith talks about Brown Cow Organics after winning the Women in Ethical Business Awards in 2008 - see the video on Green TV
Click here

Women of the Year lunch 2009

Judith was invited to attend the renowned Women of the Year lunch on Monday 12th October at the Intercontinental Hotel, Park Lane, by the highly acclaimed writer Audrey Eyton for her passion for farming, food and animal welfare.

The thrill of being in a room with hundreds of inspirational women, leaders in their field and ones that could move mountains to the benefit of human kind was deeply moving and it was an honour to share a guest list that include the likes of Dame Vera Lyn, Sarah Brown, Maureen Lipman, Katharine Jenkins and Sarah Payne and to celebrate the phenomenal achievements of the outstanding women that were recognized on the day for their work both in the past and present.

It was a great pleasure to sit with Able Seaman Kate who recently was awarded the Military Cross for rescuing a comrade under enemy fire in Afghanistan- Kate told me that day had been quite a day and was so humble about what she had done.

Morris: A Life with Bells On

The director of Morris: A Life with Bells On is a client of Brown Cow Organics and we provided the meat for the film crew.

Gloucester Services Farmshop now stocking our Yoghurts

We are delighted that Gloucester Services Farmshops on both sides of the motorway are now stocking our Brown Cow Organics and River Cottage yoghurt ranges for you to buy on your journey.

Opening times: 6.00am - 10.00pm

You can order from them 24 hours in advance and drop in to collect it.
*Pre-order your shopping 24 hours in advance
*Request a cool bag to keep your food cold for up to three hours
*Simply collect your order between 7am and 7pm.