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  • The most stunningly delicious piece of meat I have ever tasted Sheila Dillon, The Food Program, Radio 4

  • "This is the most amazing beef burger I've ever tasted Frances Ruffell - Singer/Artist

  • The sirloin steak has astonishingly good marbling, is beautifully tender -almost buttery and generously cut: a steak to eat as rare as you dare. Food Observer Monthly

  • "Absolutely amazing, this is the best roast beef I've ever had, the meat is so moist Rebbeca Pike on Radio 2 drivetime

  • Ive tasted some good meat and some excellent meat over the time but this is absolutely the best - the top of the pile! Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

  • "Beef to dream of." Raymond Blanc

  • Perridge Farm produce what experts, including some leading scientists, say is the best beef, in Great Britain." Sheila Dillon, The Food Programme, Radio 4

Organic Beef Mince 250g

Price: 3.50

Price per 250g bag

Price: 65.00

Price Per 5kg Beef Box

Price: 55.00

Price per 6kg Beef Box

Price: 130.00

Price per 10kg Beef Box

Price: 2.75

Price per Beef Truffle

Price: 4.99

Price per pack of 8 meat balls

Price: 10.00

Price per whole tail

Organic Beef Bavette Steak 250g

Price: 4.50

Price per 250g Steak

Organic Beef Minute Steak 150g

Price: 2.70

Price per 150g Steak

Organic Beef Rump Steak 250g

Price: 7.50

Price per 250g Steak

Organic Beef Sirloin Steak 250g

Price: 9.00

Price per 250 Steak

Organic Beef Fillet Steak 150g

Price: 8.40

Price per 150g Steak

Order preferred fillet size priced by kg 53.00kg/(23.59lb)

Price: 2.20

Price per 180g Gourmet Burger