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We are on TV 19th February BBC1 at 7pm-Countryfile came to Perridge Farm

We are on TV on Sunday 7pm BBC1

A couple of weeks ago Farmer Clive told me our farm was going to be featured twice on a TV show called #Countryfile; everyone was very excited that a whole day was going to be spent at the farm filming for the programme.  Mamma J said that when the final programme that was filmed is aired on the TV on BBC1 tomorrow (Sunday 19th February 2017), it means we will be seen by over 8 million people -imagine that!

Anyway, seems to be a time for secrets as until this week I had to keep my moos to myself about the #countryfile filming day but now I can tell you all about it.

The day Countryfile came to Perridge Farm

The farm car park was very full early in the morning and out of each car came people laden with big filming cameras, carry cases and tripods as well as a very long furry thing that Farmer Clive told me is called a microphone.

First of all they went into the milking parlour and filmed a few of the big girls being milked by Sophie.  As usual the big girls were immaculately clean and all behaved very nicely whilst on camera; the yards were already cleaned down and the straw and feed had been laid out.

First of all one of my friends looked like she was going to calve so Stephen the vet, Farmer Clive & Matt Baker the #countryfile presenter took a look, whilst Mamma J kept an eye on things.


Then we all took our positions in the deep straw beds for the morning whilst the camera crew talked, walked and filmed us loads of times, checking their filming for the best shots; it was so interesting and everyone wanted to be filmed!

After about 4 hours the whole crew left to have lunch with Farmer Clive & Mamma J. In the afternoon the weather was torrential rain, freezing cold and windy (not that any of us cows minded being in the warm straw yards).

The cameraman was quite relaxed with our big calm beef steers.

Then it was into the butchery for a chat with Jason our butcher.

After that it was into the yoghurt room and then back to the farmhouse as Ellie Harrison had arrived for a very special ending to the #Countryfile show!

Don’t forget to watch us on Sunday 19th February at 7pm on BBC1 for the full story.

Now that’s what I call Moos!

Till next week



Hello, my name is #Bonny and I am a #Guernsey #browncow living at Perridge Farm in Pilton, Somerset. I wanted to write this blog so that you can share in the everyday life happenings on our organic farm; which is also the home of Brown Cow Organics.
I started writing #BonnysBlog when I was very young, back in April in 2015 and every week since I’ve been telling you all about things that are happening on the farm; to me, my calf friends, the big girls, all the other animals on the farm and the humans that look after and care for us all – Farmer Clive, Mamma J, Sophie, Vet Stephen and Nathan. So drop in every week for all my Moos – Bonny

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