About Bonny

Hello my name is Bonny and this is my blog, that's why it's called #BonnysBlog

Hello my name is Bonny and this is my blog, that’s why it’s called #BonnysBlog

Hi my name is Bonny, I’m a Guernsey brown cow and I live on Perridge Farm in the beautiful mendip vale in Somerset overlooking Glastonbury Tor.

I live with one hundred other Guernsey cow friends on the farm and we are looked after by Farmer Clive and Mumma J who own Perridge Farm.

Mumma J helps out Farmer Clive but her main job is Brown Cow Organics, a company that Mumma J started at the farm to produce organic yoghurt from our A2 beta-casein protein rich Guernsey wholemilk.

Us dairy cows have a lovely life here, munching on fresh organic clover from the 480 acres of the farm, Farmer Clive brings us in once a day for milking, then we relax for the rest of the day enjoying the delights of the farm, our cow and other animal friends.