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25-6-16-All about us and Festival Fever

Festival Fever

Hi Everyone, it’s been a mad few days out on the roads into Pilton where our farm is, I heard Farmer Clive saying that he’d seen in the news people were queuing in their cars to get into the Glastonbury festival for 27 hours; some were even playing cricket in the road!   Then of course when people get to the site a lot of it is very muddy; apparently it’s all part of the fun of the festival though.

Jess-glynne-sm ZZ_Top-sm

Now it’s Saturday and Glastonbury Festival has really started now; my friends and I enjoyed listening to the first day and night of music coming to us over the fields yesterday.  I especially liked Jess Glynne,  I really got my dancing hooves on for her music and the big girls favourites ZZ top had them rocking around the fields, I think one was even trying to play air guitar.   So we’ve all got festival fever big time at the farm and all us animals and the humans are talking about their favourite acts; I just hope it doesn’t rain too much over the weekend for all those people camping.

All About Us

I got some good news this week, Mamma J told me that there are now several thousand people following and reading #BonnysBlog. It’s so exciting that so many of you are loving the stories about life here on our wonderful organic farm and about the people and the animals, so I thought I’d take a few moments to re-introduce our farm and some of the people and animals to our newer readers.

Perridge Farm

the four farms of Perridge Farm

the four farms of Perridge Farm

View of Mendip Hills from Perridge Farm

View of the Tor

Is the home of Brown Cow Organics; owned and run by Farmer Clive and Mamma J.

In fact it’s actually four farms joined together to make up 480 acres of organic land situated on the South of the Mendip Hills in Somerset with wonderful views across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor, as you can see in the picture here.

Farmer Clive looks after all us cows, sometimes he has to be out in all kinds of weather, but we know he’s thinking about our well being all the time.  He has quite a few people working with him helping out on the farm as well as Toby and Flo the farm sheepdogs.



 Brown Cow Organics

Judith Freane Owner of Brown Cow Organics with her Guernsey Cows and award winning natural yoghurtBrown Cow Organics yoghurt Teamsm

Mamma J looks after Brown Cow Organics and she has working with her the yoghurt team who make the Brown Cow Organics and River Cottage yoghurts on the farm (I love yoghurt!), which is then sent to lots of independent farm shops, delicatessens and health food stores around the country and it’s also sold at local Somerset Farmers markets.  The yoghurt team are all local dedicated people and they must really love yoghurt too, they make lots of different flavours every week.

So that’s a first introduction to us, the Big Girls are of course the grown up dairy cows that you can see in the photos (I don’t think it will be too long before I become a big girl) and before I go here’s Toby and Flo our sheepdogs, Toby is the boss (on the right) and Flo just loves the limelight as you can see her ‘posing’ in this photo.

sheepdogs at perridge farm







So I hope you all enjoy the rest of Glastonbury Festival over the weekend, whether you are actually here or at home watching it on your TV’s; I’ll see you all again next week.

Many musical moos


Bonny and icons June 2016



Hello, my name is #Bonny and I am a #Guernsey #browncow living at Perridge Farm in Pilton, Somerset. I wanted to write this blog so that you can share in the everyday life happenings on our organic farm; which is also the home of Brown Cow Organics.
I started writing #BonnysBlog when I was very young, back in April in 2015 and every week since I’ve been telling you all about things that are happening on the farm; to me, my calf friends, the big girls, all the other animals on the farm and the humans that look after and care for us all – Farmer Clive, Mamma J, Sophie, Vet Stephen and Nathan. So drop in every week for all my Moos – Bonny

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