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25.03.17-I’m going monthly

Hi everyone, I  had a chat with Mamma J and Farmer Clive this week and we all agreed that as I’m a big girl now I should spend more time out enjoying the luscious organic grass at Perridge Farm with my other big girl friends and write my blog once a month.   This will also give me more time to chat to all my human and animal friends and find out all the farm gossip!

So starting May 2017, I’ll be talking to you every month giving you all the moos from the farm.

Hope you all got involved in #rednoseday yesterday, we all did!

red nose day yesterday

Speak to you all again in May.

Bonny (& calf!)

Bonny Guernsey Cow with her calf

Like Mother like calf!


Hello, my name is #Bonny and I am a #Guernsey #browncow living at Perridge Farm in Pilton, Somerset. I wanted to write this blog so that you can share in the everyday life happenings on our organic farm; which is also the home of Brown Cow Organics.
I started writing #BonnysBlog when I was very young, back in April in 2015 and every week since I’ve been telling you all about things that are happening on the farm; to me, my calf friends, the big girls, all the other animals on the farm and the humans that look after and care for us all – Farmer Clive, Mamma J, Sophie, Vet Stephen and Nathan. So drop in every week for all my Moos – Bonny

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