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Bonny Guernsey Cow with her calf

Like Mother like calf!

Bonny of #BonnysBlog

Me when I was a calf

Well I did warn you all last week that as a new Mum I’d find it hard to resist talking about my new baby so here’s a new photo of me with my little baby girl calf and the next one is me nearly 2 years ago; She’s got the same white markings on her forehead as me, like Mum like calf!

I am now part of the milking herd with the big girls but I see my little calf everyday across the yard from my very comfortable warm straw laden yard. My calf is fed each morning and afternoon with warm milk and a bit of yoghurt and looks very cosy in her little jacket to keep her warm.

Meanwhile I have settled in very well with the big girls in the herd. At first I was very nervous, especially when I went into the milking parlour for the first time. But Sophie the herdsperson was very kind and patient as she chatted quietly to me encouraging me into the milking row behind the other big girls.  Sophie gently stroked my legs to let me know that she was there and put the milking cluster on my 4 teats.

Ohh it was a strange sensation to start with as the pulsation of the cluster gently allowed my milk to run; then after a few days it became a nice part of the day to go into the parlour for milking – especially as we get extra feed whilst we are in there, it falls down a long pipe into a trough in front of each of us as we are being milked.

After each milking I walk out along the passageway where Farmer Clive has filled all our feed troughs with fresh silage for the day, scrapped away all the muck from the long paths and covered our large bed with loads and loads of lovely dry warm straw.  Here’s a video of Farmer Clive re-freshing our beds.

Everyone works very hard here at the farm; they start at 5.00am every day making sure that we are all milked, fed and comfortable before taking a break themselves for their breakfast – and of course that includes some of our yoghurt made from all us Big Girls Guernsey wholemilk.  We are definitely a very happy herd of cows!

More Moos next week



Hello, my name is #Bonny and I am a #Guernsey #browncow living at Perridge Farm in Pilton, Somerset. I wanted to write this blog so that you can share in the everyday life happenings on our organic farm; which is also the home of Brown Cow Organics.
I started writing #BonnysBlog when I was very young, back in April in 2015 and every week since I’ve been telling you all about things that are happening on the farm; to me, my calf friends, the big girls, all the other animals on the farm and the humans that look after and care for us all – Farmer Clive, Mamma J, Sophie, Vet Stephen and Nathan. So drop in every week for all my Moos – Bonny

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