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04-02-17 -I’ve been keeping a secret! Hope you like the surprise

Can you guess my secret?

I’ve been keeping a secret from you all for the last 9 months, it’s a good one, but I wanted a special day to be a big surprise to you all; I talked to Farmer Clive about it and he agreed it would be a fun surprise that would be sure to delight everyone!

So you might not have noticed but I’ve been growing and becoming a Big Girl for some time and this week (on February 1st to be exact) I gave birth to my first baby calf; a beautiful little girl, are you surprised?

Bonnys of #BonnysBlog with her new calf

Here I am with my little girl calf

Say Hello

Farmer Clive put me into one of the calving pens on Tuesday night – right next to two of my friends who had been there for over a week and still had not given birth to their calves. My pen is large and well lit with a lovely thick bed of golden straw on which to lie with a big trough of silage and fresh water along one side; It’s a lovely comfortable place to be.

Vet Stephen (you remember he’s Mamma J’s brother) popped his head round the gate very late on Tuesday night to check I was OK – I know that he is very caring so should there have been any problems with me giving birth I would be in good hands, even more so having seen him revive the baby calf a few days ago after helping my friend give birth; you can see videos of this in my blog from last week.

Then on Wednesday morning before Sophie arrived to do the milking my little baby just slipped out without much ado.  Isn’t she just so gorgeous, as you can see, she even looks like me with that little white patch on her head!

Guernsey calf born to Bonny of #BonnysBlog

I’m so proud look at my beautiful baby calf














Sophie who looks after us now came to see me as soon as she arrived at the farm on Wednesday morning; she was so delighted to see us both and doing so well.

She immediately milked out 2 litres of colustrum from me – I stood very quietly whilst she did so. Sophie then poured the colustrum into a big bottle and fed it to my new calf; this ensured my baby girl got all the healthy goodness and immunity within 6 hours of her being born.

So as I said, a really good surprise for you all, I’m a very happy Mum and so is everyone on the farm, no doubt I wont be able to resist talking about my baby, just like all new mums.

Oh and did you see our Brown Cow Organics yoghurts on the Jimmy & Jamie Friday night feast TV show last night?  Mamma J went along to the @CommunityFridge in Frome to donate some yoghurts and met Jimmy Doherty when they were filming the show.

Mamma J meets jimmy Doherty @CommunityFridge Frome














Bye for now #Bonny&Baby


Hello, my name is #Bonny and I am a #Guernsey #browncow living at Perridge Farm in Pilton, Somerset. I wanted to write this blog so that you can share in the everyday life happenings on our organic farm; which is also the home of Brown Cow Organics.
I started writing #BonnysBlog when I was very young, back in April in 2015 and every week since I’ve been telling you all about things that are happening on the farm; to me, my calf friends, the big girls, all the other animals on the farm and the humans that look after and care for us all – Farmer Clive, Mamma J, Sophie, Vet Stephen and Nathan. So drop in every week for all my Moos – Bonny

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